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- More than one day or more than 100 participants
We are perfect for events that may extend over a period of days or weeks and/or have high attendance. We have been an excellent entertainment option for weekend conferences and festivals. We have gone on the road for weeks at a time to State Fairs. We would also love to join you for your next brand launch or music festival. Our sports can accommodate thousands of attendees and elevate the success and participation  at your event. 
Ultimate Bossaball Be Ultimate Sports a
Ultimate Drift Trikes Be Ultimate Sports
Our staff is professional and enthusiastic and we have an excellent track record for safety. All our sports are insured and a referee is always present to ensure all sport rules are explained and enforced. A contract must be signed and liability waivers may be required. We will do everything we can to make your event is ULTIMATE.
                                          Extended Event Guide
Ultimate Bubble Soccer
     up to 10 players at a time
     or approx. 80 players per hour
Ultimate Archery
     up to 12 players at a time
     or approx. 96 players per hour
Ultimate Nerf War
     up to 20 players at a time
     or approx. 140 players per hour
Ultimate Drift Trikes
     up to 6 players at a time
     or approx. 80 players per hour
Ultimate Bossaball
     up to 12 players at a time
     or approx. 84 players per hour
Ultimate Bar Challenge
     up to 4 players at a time
     or approx. 180 players per hour
Ultimate Bossaball Event Be Ultimate Spo
Ultimate Bar Challenge Crowd Be Ultimate
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