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“In all my years volunteering, I’ve never seen a crowd gather like this.” 
– Volunteer, New Mexico State Fair
“It just keeps getting more fun the more you play.” 
– Kyle, student at Grace Church

“Best time we’ve had on campus.”

– Emma and Madi, students at MSU

“The kids are anticipating this all year.”

– Faculty, Center High School

“I just had to try it again, because I knew I could push myself harder.”

– Attendee, Tulsa State Fair

“I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe”

– Camper, Kanukuk Camp

“It’s the only thing my daughter could talk about.”

– Attendee, Nebraska State Fair

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“Thank you so much, it gets better every year”

– Faculty, Linn Middle School

“The students didn’t want to participate in anything else.”

– Volunteer, Reed Springs Project Grad


“Worth it, worth it, worth it!”

– Attendee, Great Jones County Fair

“Best show at the fair. We watched people do it for hours.”

– Attendees, Ozark Empire Fair

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“I am totally doing this again and I’m bringing my friends”

- Attendee, Arizona State Fair

“Best birthday party ever!”

– Jared, 10 yrs old

When we started playing, I was like…wow!”

– Student, St. Louis University

“So cool, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen this”

– Attendee, North Dakota State Fair

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